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Artificial intelligence
(AI) solutions

Operationalize AI across your business to deliver benefits quickly and ethically

Put AI into action now

At AR-Solutions, our advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have demonstrated the scale and power of this technology on business and society. However, auto-repair businesses need to determine how to structure and govern these systems responsibly to avoid bias and errors as the scalability of AI technology can have costly effects to both business and society. As your organization uses different datasets to apply machine learning and automation to workflows, it’s important to have the right guardrails in place to ensure data quality, compliance, and transparency within your AI systems. AR-Solutions can help you put AI into action now by focusing on the areas of your business where AI can deliver real benefits quickly and ethically.

Our AR-Solutions team is developing the next generation of advances in AI software and hardware to bring frictionless, cloud-native development and use of foundation models to auto-repair AI.

Latest news

AI for agents

Save time and effort as a real estate agent. Automate tedious tasks to work more efficiently, transforming how you operate.

How to build responsible AI at scale


Industry leading solutions

Positioned as a leader within AUTOREP's Magic Quadrant for advanced AI technologies .

Research-driven innovation

Stay at the forefront of cutting-edge AI advancements with AUTOREP Insights driving the adoption and scaling of AI.


Cost-savings solutions built to

improve productivity through faster strategy optimization and implementation.

With AUTOREP, explore AI solutions to support where you are in your AI journey, allowing your organization to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our AI, data science, and data management solutions support a range of real-world use cases from digital labor, business insights, cybersecurity automation, AI infrastructure, and more. Take the next step in AI implementation and lifecycle management by learning more about our offered solutions and cost structures.


Digital Efficiency

AUTOREP systems Orchestrate

Save time and effort for your team members. Automate tedious tasks to be faster and easier, changing the way your teams work.

Data-Driven Mastery

AUTOREP dataFlow Manager

Empower decision-making with data-driven insights. Harness the power of AI to redefine your business strategies.

Insightful Navigation

AUTOREP insightStream Navigator

Navigate complex data terrains. Seamlessly integrate and manage large datasets, enhancing team productivity.


Consulting services

Advanced Tech [AI]

Solutions Consulting

Reinvent critical workflows and operations by adding AI to maximize experiences, decision-making, and business value.

Security services

AUTOREP SecureGuard

Engage our team of hackers, responders, researchers, and analysts to protect your organization from global threats through services such as penetration testing, crisis management services, and more.

Expert services

AR Tech Innovators

Co-create with our experts to make the most out of your technology. Implement with ease for faster results, stay ahead with the latest AI innovations, and upskill your team to drive broader adoption.

Use cases

AR-S offers a number of AI applications to help your business drive operational efficiencies, deliver insights, and create better employee and customer experiences. Some of our most common use cases include data analysis, business insights, and system optimization, which have had strong adoption across industries across various sectors, including tech, retail, and services.

Digital labor

Reimagine work

Unlock new levels of productivity by optimizing business processes, empowering people, and creating high-quality customer and employee experiences.

Unlock productivity with AI and automation



Lucas R. Portland
Vintage homes broker

"Maximized efficiency, minimized errors. That's my AI experience."

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Aisha Y. Houston Modern Homes Agent

"The market evolves fast, but with AI, I'm always ahead."

Get started quickly with a generative AI client briefing for AR-S

Discover where generative AI can make the biggest impact and how AR-S can elevate your AI investments.

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